K. A. Patterson and the Paradise Band featuring Mike
Lyrics & Music by K. A. Patterson


On that early Summer night that brought you here, so far from your home 'neath Mount Rainier, it wasn't in my plans to fall for you.  But I'm so in love with you - what can I do?

You said you've met no one before like me.  And you know I feel the same about you too.  You're everything I'd ever want my lady to be.  And when you've gone, life might as well be through.

It seems so unfair when we've fallen this way - fallen so deeply in love to stay, that it should be  three-thousand lonely miles from here to that lovely mountain home you hold so dear.

But, you know, I guess it simply goes to prove that love is really blind - the old cliche is really true.  For, even though I know I can only lose, I just can't deny an unending love for you.  So when we say "goodbye" tomorrow, then I'll have nothing left but sorrow.  For until the end of time, I'll still love you.

And I'm writing you this song to let you know the way I feel, and if I could go with you that I would.  Some day, some way, perhaps there'll be a chance for you and me.  And if not, I'll always wish there could.

K. A. Patterson

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