K. A. Patterson and the Paradise Band featuring Mike
Lyrics & Music by K. A. Patterson


I've had more than my share of lover’s dreams that can’t come true. For whenever I really care it seems to always leave me blue. Now, once again, looking in your eyes, though that longing look I see, we both know too well that for you and me a song of love can never be.

You and I both know that friends is all we’re free to be, for these two roads we're traveling on are marked so differently. If our paths had come together in another time and way, then, perhaps, there could have been a you and me, and I might not have to say... I’d love to be your lover, and it hurts that I can only be your friend.

Our day must end before it starts, and what leads us to dismay Is that we’ll never know what joy we might have shared one day. We have to realize that your world and mine will never, ever be the same. So let’s call us friends FOREVER and then NEVER even start to fan this flame.

I never will forget the way your eyes and lips met mine, you melting in these loving arms of mine last night - so fine. But you can SURELY SEE it’s not our DESTINY to share the things that lovers do. And though I know it’s RIGHT, still, I have to FIGHT just to say these words to you. I’d love to be your lover and it hurts that I can only be your friend.

Yes, you know I’d be your lover if I could, but I’ll forever be your friend.

K. A. Patterson

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