K. A. Patterson and the Paradise Band featuring Mike
Lyrics & Music by K. A. Patterson


Sheila J. Hardin
6/21/62 – 5/26/04

December was a colder time than ever, Even though we had so little ice and snow. For December was the time I thought I'd never See her face or touch her heart before she’d go.

Twenty years had come and gone since last I'd seen her, For the path I chose led down a different road. When they told me Heaven's angels would soon be calling for her, Deep within my heart were so many things I needed her to know.

Don't let the wings of angels find your dear ones never knowing That they are the life within your soul—the reason your heart sings— A part of Heaven sent to earth that keeps your spirit glowing. And a silent love only brings regret—it came to me on Sheila's wings.

The Lord smiled down from Heaven as she was fading, And before she flew to Him, He granted time To share with her the story of a love kept waiting Since our childhood years, locked in this heart of mine.

And though I know she went to meet Him fully knowing Thoughts of her had brought me strength for thirty years. Regretful years with my true feelings for her never showing Are all that made me have to say farewell to her in tears.

Don’t let the…

Never let the wings of the angels find the ones you love not knowing They’re the very life within your soul—the reason your heart sings— A small part of Heaven come down to earth to keep your spirit always growing. And a silent love only brings regret—it came my way on Sheila's wings. Don’t let your silent love bring you the regret that flew to me on Sheila’s wings.

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