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TWISTS AND TURNS album released - October 9, 2015
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THANK YOU SO MUCH for landing on this web site, and please know that your visit here is appreciated more than I can tell you!  I'm K. A. PATTERSON, and I'm not your average musician.  In fact, my journey here is probably unlike 98% of the Singer/Songwriter stories out there. But I'm saving that long shaggy dog story for the BIO section(s).

The music here is an unusual blend of Classic Country sound with state-of-the-art Country Music composition, instrumentation, and production. My writing style, coupled with the impeccable vocal stylings of some of Nashville's best singers and the talents of Music City's finest instrumentalists and great Producers, gives the PARADISE BAND that difficult-to-find sound I call "Contemporary Traditional".

If you arrived here searching for top quality TRADITIONAL COUNTRY MUSIC, you've come to the right place. Ditto if your quest is to locate excellent CONTEMPORARY COUNTRY MUSIC. In fact, those of you seeking CROSSOVER COUNTRY, that might be considered COUNTRY POP or even EASY LISTENING, will probably find much to your liking here as well. That's because listeners everywhere describle my music as CONTEMPORARY COUNTRY with DEEP TRADITIONAL COUNTRY ROOTS, an occasional touch of BLUEGRASS or FOLK, and sometimes the character of LIGHT FAVORITES or POP music. K. A. Patterson songs combine life experiences with lifelong interest in various musical styles, to yield fresh new Country songs. Make no mistake; most are plenty Country enough, with that good OLD TIME CHARACTER, to satisfy any connoiseur of TRADITIONAL COUNTRY. And the subtle differences in this writing style, along with excellent  production, make a K. A. Patterson song that 1 in 100, standing apart from the 99 sound-alike me-too's.

NOTE:  All lyrics and music of all K. A. Patterson and the Paradise Band songs on this website are by yours truly, except where indicated otherwise by Co-Writer credit under song titles on the music pages.

My songwriting parallels my life.  Consequently, the music embodies what life is about for the average Joe and Jane, each work born of actual life experiences.  From songs of love and romance that strike a familiar chord with listeners of every stripe (Carefree HeartEarly Summer Night, If It's Not Too Late, What I PrayWritten In The Tears, and others), to the tragically hopeful Sheila's Wings, inspired by the death at age 41 of a friend and childhood flame, to appreciation of one's hometown in the Bluegrassy Montgomery In The Rain, to reflection upon simple down-to-earth living (I'm Sorry Friend, The River, Twists And Turns, Unto The Dust, and others), the songs capture what real lives are made of.

In comments welcoming me to the Sharp Objects family of writers (July 5, 2006), Sharp Objects Founder and CEO Steven Sharp described me as a NEW WRITER WITH A FRESH PERSPECTIVE ON LIFE AND HOW IT RELATES TO COUNTRY MUSIC.  This industry icon also stated that "No One Else But You" is one of the most well-written songs ever submitted to him.  :)

These are the type of songs that, like a lot of Traditional Country music, endear themselves for generations to regular folks facing real life achievements, dilemmas, and tragedies.  Listen and hear LIFE -- complete with its ecstasy, its pain, its love, its despair, and its hope -- woven into each musical story.  Listen and enjoy.  Listen and relate.  Listen and be moved.

I'm K. A. Patterson, writing LIFE . . .

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