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Classic Country K. A. Patterson: Albums


(Hard Copy CD Recommended)
Much Higher Quality Than MP3

We realize physical CD sales are down across-the-board, while the purchase of electronic music files, mostly as MP3 downloads, is up.  This trend will likely continue, for obvious reasons.  1) added convenience, 2) shorter delivery time (instant gratification), 3) elimination of shipping costs, and 4) most people use other means than CD players or computer drives to play their music today.

For those who may not be aware of it, here is the basic lowdown on why it is much better to purchase a hard copy CD.  A CD contains full quality studio-generated audio files (.wav or similar format) which sound WAY better because ALL the musical data is available to be extracted by the player.  To reduce file size from 40mb or 50mb down to 5mb or 6mb for transmission via the internet and to address storage capacity issues, the MP3 process "squashes" files by altering them so that the player does not extract all the musical data.

Most music management software does this automatically when "ripping" from a CD to your computer.  Therefore, the files stored on your computer, in a cloud, or elsewhere, and listened to on your IPOD or similar device, are reduced quality MP3's, on which you are not hearing a lot of the original musical data.  Anything below 320 kbps (kilo bytes per second) is considered less than "broadcast quality".  Most MP3's are between 128 kbps and 192 kbps.

If you purchase a CD and "rip" the tracks, your saved files go from 2311 kbps or 1411 kbps with a 44100 (approximate) "sampling rate" to significantly poorer quality files of 128 kbps to 192 kbps with greatly reduced sampling rates, perhaps 16000.  (The difference in sound quality here is noticeable, even to an "average" listener versus a fanatic.)  If you purchase a CD and rip it, you'll still always own the full fidelity files, whereas if you obtain all your music through MP3 download or similar, you never have anything but the low quality files.

There are file conversion programs, some free ones, that convert from MP3 or similar low quality format to .wav or similar high quality format.  But most folks, excluding us musicians and studio people, don't get into all that.

Of course you also enjoy artwork with a CD, and many still come with inserts that include other infomation you don't get by simply downloading MP3's.

That's our take, and is why we recommend purchase of our physical CD from CD Baby (Montgomery In The Rain Album) or Amazon On Demand (Twists And Turns Album) as a first choice.  You are able, however, to purchase all our tracks as MP3 downloads from these outlets and numerous other services, if you so chose.  We just like for people to have sufficient knowledge to make informed choices.


K. A. Patterson
(and the Paradise Band)