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Classic Country K. A. Patterson: Comments

REVIEWS of the "Montgomery In The Rain" Album

K. A. Patterson brings to the table a fresh and innovative twist to the Classic Country sound. With each new collection of his writing that I hear I think ''wow, these songs are brilliant'' or ''this is as good as Country gets''. And then he tops it with the next session. His most recent offerings are no exception. I CAN ONLY BE YOUR FRIEND and LOST WITHIN YOUR CHARM are truly great traditional songs. And what can you say about my favorite of the bunch, MONTGOMERY IN THE RAIN? What a cool Bluegrass tune with an awesome feel, lyrics, production - everything! But it isn't just about slick production. K. A. writes remarkable Country songs with strong, infectious melodies and smart, meaningful lyrics, built around the true Country sound. Coupled with the great production quality, that makes his "Montgomery In The Rain" CD a "must listen" on the Nashville Independent Artist list. I urge everyone to give a listen and become familiar with K. A. Patterson. It's an amazing musical journey…
Steven L. Sharp, CEO and Founder of Sharp Objects


Bill Poindexter
YOU GOT GREAT SONGS. Why aren't we hearing these ALL OVER the radio?!

Frank Fara (CEO, Comstock Records)
DONE VERY WELL IN ALL RESPECTS Enjoyed your new "Montgomery in the Rain" CD. Done very well in all respects, and we would consider promoting the album for you in the International markets . . . to world radio stations and internet shows.

Lance Barnett (Musician in Austin, TX)
I REALLY LIKE SEVERAL OF YOUR SONGS. "No One Else But You" - beautiful music, very good lyrics. "Louisville Lady" - love the hook, great song. I really like all the Mike Lusk vocals very much. . . has a great voice - he is really great for your songs. My friend Patti likes your music too. She likes the "romantic" and "sensitive" subjects.

Franz Ott (Austria)
A GREAT ALBUM, EACH TRACK IS WONDERFUL. I hope I can order this CD with CD Baby soon.

Karen Whisman
THEY ARE ALL GREAT, SO IT IS HARD TO HAVE A FAVORITE. On the 3 new songs, I have to agree with Mr. Sharp - they are the best so far. At first I thought I had a new favorite in "Montgomery in the Rain", but I think I've now decided that "Lost Within Your Charm" is my favorite. They are all great, so it is hard to have a favorite. But there is just something extra about Lost Within Your Charm that grabs me a little more than the others, I guess.

Rudy Catinchi
MAKE MORE TIME TO WRITE!! I'm seriously telling you to lighten up on the Engineering work and make more time to write!!

Lars Lindberg (DJ in Sweden)
SEVERAL SONGS UPON THE CD THAT WE'LL CHOOSE FOR AIRPLAY I'm glad to report that your excellent CD arrived here. ...Mike Lusk is doing a real great job when singing the songs that you wrote. And there [are] several songs upon the CD that we'll choose for airplay in the near future.

Lars Lindberg (DJ in Sweden)
THE VERY GREAT MUSIC YOU PERFORM After listen[ing] to your new album, I considered to make this letter and receive a promotional copy of your CD. I would be very honored if I could include the very great music you perform in my show. It sure would have made my day!

Marti Allen
IT SOUNDED SOOOO GOOD! We received the CD's. You definitely are very talented!!! Danny had them playing [the second we] got them. When he was cleaning the van, he had it playing in the van in the church parking lot. It sounded soooo good.

Laney Richardson
YOUR SONGS REMIND ME OF LARRY GATLIN AND THE GATLIN BROTHERS... I think "Sheila's Wings" is the best song on the CD. Of course, it has a different sound to it, but I do like it a lot. And I like all the other songs. Your songs remind me of Larry Gatlin And The Gatlin Brothers from the 80's time period.

J. Brunhoeffer
REALLY SOUNDS GOOD!!! I received the CD's and had a chance to listen to it a couple of times. Really sounds good!!! Skip got his copy and agreed it is as good as anything he has heard.

Kathy Hust
FANTASTIC!!! I can imagine ANY of the big names singing them. I hope you become a great success with your songwriting. As far as I'm concerned, you already are...

Corinne Mayo
LIKE WHAT I HEARD Received your CD. Bill really likes it. I have heard only parts of it, but like what I heard.

Albert A. Roch [Abuelo] (DJ in Spain)
LET ME SHOW YOU...THE SPINS OF YOUR SONGS AT DCW RADIO. Report Period: 2007-03-13 to 2007-04-12 Lost Within Your Charm - 20 Louisville Lady - 21 Loving You A Long Long Time - 19 Montgomery In The Rain - 18 Written In The Tears - 19

Albert A. Roch [Abuelo] (DJ in Spain)
MONTGOMERY IN THE RAIN WILL BE CD OF THE WEEK "...your album, "Montgomery In The Rain", will be CD of the week in the DCW Radio emission. These songs will be broadcast one every hour from Sunday to Saturday (21 to 27 May).

Albert A. Roch [Abuelo] (DJ in Spain)
WE SELECT[ED] FIVE SONGS...FOR THE AIRPLAY. These songs will be broadcast from Monday to Sunday, during one year since now or until your next work. During playback, the listener may receive the following info: Artist Name/Song Title/Album Name/Year. Besides this information, the album cover image will be shown. This image, whose length is 100x100 pixels, contains a link to the CD Baby...

Albert A. Roch [Abuelo] (DJ in Spain)
PERFECT FOR OUR BROADCAST I listened to you album "Montgomery In The Rain", at CD Baby, and I think that [Mike Lusk's] voice and your music style [are] perfect for our broadcast. DCW Radio is the first broadcasting station in Spain with an exclusive 24 hours a day of Country, Americana, and Western programs. Our purpose is moving forward this kind of music we like so much... We want you to notify us of your new recordings and, if you don't mind, give us some promotional material to update and to know your work through DCWR.

Carol Crakow
AWESOME! I have just now played the beautiful CD. Have it going as I type. Awesome! Today I played [it] for the guys working on our house, and everyone enjoyed it very much.

Rod Bradey (DJ in Australia)
THE LISTENERS REALLY ENJOYED IT I played the title track, "Montgomery In The Rain", on last night's show, and the listeners really enjoyed it, judging by the phone calls I received. I let them know that it is available at CD Baby and broadcast your web address. I will play more tracks over the coming weeks. Copy of last night's playlist attached...

Rod Bradey (DJ in Australia)
I WOULD LIKE TO FEATURE YOUR MUSIC ON MY RADIO PROGRAM I have been listening to some of your great Country sound, and I would like to feature your music on my radio program, "Stone Cold Country", which I present on radio station "Yarra Valley FM 99.1" in Melbourne, Australia. And I am hoping that you may be able to send down a copy of your CD so that I can spin a few tracks on the air for my listeners' enjoyment.

Carol Crakow THE CD SOUNDS AWESOME! We have shared it with the family. I really liked it! Our one granddaughter, the singer, said she also likes it very much...she sang along right away. All the best.

REVIEWS of the "Louisville Lady" Album

All reviewers awarded Louisville Lady a 5-Star rating out of a possible 5 stars. Some are listed below.

Franz Ott
(Austria) THIS ALBUM IS ONE OF THE BEST I HAVE Hello K.A. Sorry, my English is not good enough to write a review, but I can tell you this album is one of the best I have. I enjoy each track of this album, but my favorite song is "Louisville Lady". This song is excellent, and . . . a great voice. I hope, you will soon release another album (with more songs than five). All the best, Franz

J Brunhoeffer WONDERFUL LYRICS/GREAT LISTENING The lyrics are very passionate & soulful. I think everyone can relate to the sentiment in this CD. The music is reminiscent of Pure Prairie League. Great listening. A good addition to anyone's audio collection.

Danny Allen DEFINITELY A 5-STAR RATING!!!!! WOW This CD is Great!!! Very Enjoyable Listening! Catchy lyrics! This CD is a winner! All our family enjoys listening to it! We keep listening to it over and over again! Definitely a 5 Star-Rating!!!!!

Jasmine Allen You're AWESOME!!!!! . . . I just wanted to say your CD is completely awesome.....That is saying a lot because I typically don't like country music .....So keep it up....... and remember me when you become the next Alan Jackson!!!!!! Love, Jasmin

Kathy Hust IT'S SOME OF THE BEST MUSIC I'VE HEARD IN AGES I just finished listening to the complete CD. It will be a major injustice to the music world if someone doesn't grab these songs and make them the hits they are destined to be. It's some of the best music I've heard in ages. Thanks for sharing them.


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