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Classic Country K. A. Patterson: Bio

BIOGRAPHY - Short Version

I am the owner of a 37+ year career in things related to Electrical Construction Engineering, during which time I've also engaged in several unrelated side ventures, including Music.  I'm an internationally certified Lighting Designer and past Vice President and Treasurer of the Nashville Section of the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES).  I also currently serve on the Board Of Managers and as a Committee Chair for that non-profit educational organization. So, unlike most Songwriters you know of, my "day job" is actually my real job, and I am a Musician in my "spare" (what a joke!) time . . . LOL

I'm a bicentennial year graduate of Choctawhatchee High School in Fort Walton Beach, Florida.  I attended a Christian college in Temple Terrace, Florida for one year and received an Associate Degree from Northwest Florida State College in December of 1978.

Although my first song was penned at age 11, when I was still known to most folks as Keith, the first commercially viable song was produced at age 14 in 1973, which was before I owned or could play an instrument.  That song, "I Still Love You So", is part of my "Montgomery In The Rain" album.

I wrote a lot during 1973-1983, before things got busy and hectic with first the Engineering and then marriage and kids.  I wrote only occasionally from 1984 through 2003, and my 1988 relocation to Nashville was about being closer to family and advancing the Design career - having nothing to do with music.

In early 2004, an Engineer friend encouraged me to pursue Songwriting, although he hadn't heard a song of mine.  He assumed that the same work ethic and creativity he'd seen me apply with success in our Engineering endeavors translated to my Songwriting as well.  (Today he's an avid fan and says I should do less Engineering and more writing.) So in 2004 I began writing with greater regularity and taking serious steps, for the first time, to pursue Songwriting professionally.

My music is often described as "unique" and difficult to "pigeon-hole" in terms of comparison with other popular writers.  The list of Songwriters, singers, and bands influencing this musical style during the formative years of my Songwriting career reads like a "who's who" of the Country, Rock, and Pop genre's of that period (late 1960's to early 1980's).  If you're interested in reading the list of nearly 200, along with a lengthy and wordy more detailed dissertation on my life, please click the BIO-LONG tab.  And if you ARE that interested in me - well, wonderful - and THANK YOU ! !

My music is basically Country, but a uniquely styled Country that appeals to all lovers of good music, without strict respect to genre boundaries.  And the Country in my music is most often decidedly slanted toward carrying forward the "Traditional" or "Classic" Country sound.

"K. A. Patterson and the Paradise Band" is a project I created and have used for several years to gain exposure for and establish a fan base around my style of making music.  Since early 2012, KAP&TPB has amassed several thousand fans on Jango Airplay internet radio, and we're experiencing a similar level of popularity on Pandora.  In 2011, AM-FM and online venue airplay began to take off. That was accelerated through my promotional affiliation with Dixie McCorkle and TripleStrand Productions (LINKS page) beginning in 2012.  KAP&TPB today enjoys significant airplay in over 100 countries and all 50 USA States.

I've been greatly blessed and give thanks to God for not only my own writing ability but for being able to put together the right combination of Musician, Studio, and Producer participation to make KAP&TPB recordings everything they should be, even as an Indie Artist operating on a limited budget.  Regarding that, all of you aspiring Songwriters and Indie Artists out there need to check out A Writer's Paradise (LINKS page).  I'm an award-winning (AWARDS page) BMI affiliated Writer and have Publishing Management through TuneCore, both of which I now receive regular quarterly Performance Royalty payments from.

Most important are the FANS.  Without those of you out there who appreciate good music and are willing to support what we're trying to do here, this wouldn't work and would have to be given up on.  So THANK YOU for helping me to see enough light at the end of this tunnel to make it worthwhile to keep on keeping on.