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Classic Country K. A. Patterson: Singles


(K. A. Patterson and the Paradise Band featuring Lisa)
December 29, 2012

Farewell to a dear friend; the curtain falls and brings it all to an end.  And as the final act with history blends, we realize we may never meet again . . . never meet again . . .

And what a trip – a journey so fine – we have shared here with one another.  And as for those we leave behind, we pray they’ll only make it better . . . better when we’ve gone – after we’ve gone . . .

To us this day seems as the end of a fairy tale that we have lived together.  But as we are dispersed in the wind, the experience remains with us forever, and lives on in memories.

Now to our friends – the ones who will stay – we bid good fortune as they follow us.  And through all time what we end today always remains within our hearts – a part of us.  Memories will live on and on . . .