K. A. Patterson and the Paradise Band featuring Chad
Lyrics & Music by K. A. Patterson


f you said “drop dead gorgeous looks”, you’d be definin' her.  If you said “smokin’ hot’’, her body would be on your mind.  'Cause if you look at her too long, you’ll feel your knees grow weak, and get all tongue-tied, and find it’s really tough to speak.  You gotta watch yourself, to keep from thinkin’ things - oh me . . .  And if she gets too close to me, she’s gettin’ swept right off her feet.  She’s the world’s best cryin’ shoulder.  But whenever you cry there, you just wanna hold her! 
'Cause that’s her way.  That’s her way.

No, I'm not that shallow man you think you heard in verse one.  For she's angelic - Heaven sent - to find a sweeter woman never can be done.  'Cause that's her way.  That's her way.

Now, she's the best friend that anybody has ever had - someone to lean on when everything is goin' bad.  It's like she always has somebody else's need weighin' on her mind and makin' her heart bleed.  I've never heard a word out of her that was unkind.  And a more giving soul I'm pretty sure you'll never find.  If there's a way to be of help, it's what she wants to do for you.  And to burden you with all of her snafu's, she'd rather die than ever do.

So if you're thinkin' it's all about her physique, you could not be more wrong; it's who she is inside that makes me weak. 
'Cause that's her way.  That's her way.

You know I'm not the superficial guy you thought you heard in verse one.  For she's angelic - she's Heaven sent - to find a sweeter lady never can be done.  'Cause that's her way...  sweet unselfish way...  her giving way...  angelic way...  That's her way...

K. A. Patterson

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