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  1. Astral Harmony

From the recording Astral Harmony


Under a starry night sky, this lonely heart longs to look in her eyes.And as I let my mind go back to the truest friend I’ll ever know,I pray for long she won’t leave me alone, and then she’ll find her way safely back home.  'Til then I can't make a start to fill this empty place in my heart.
Under a full moon lit sky, this longing heart thinks of him with a sigh.  And as I let my heart go back to the sweetest man I’ll ever know, "Oh, God, please let him know he’s not alone - He’s in my heart and I’ll be coming home" - never again to be apart - we'll fill this empty place in our hearts. 
It hurts when “goodbye” must be said, as life’s uneven road sometimes we tread.  But in those heavens above are angels watching over those that we love.  So we believe, in Heaven’s wonderful plan, on this Earth we’ll be together again.  ‘Til then I longingly wait for that day when, in your arms, all the pain melts away.